blog-new1It’s the beginning of an adventure.  Like most new ventures there is a certain amount of excitement and a whole lot of fear.  The blog will focus on stories about historic events, characters and places predominantly based in Canada. Not to say that I won’t tackle stories from other places, I will, but a good number of Canadians don’t know much about their own history which makes it essential that many of the stories will have a ‘Canadian’ flavour.  I’m by no means a historian, more like an enthusiastic tourist visiting historical times and places or perhaps time traveler if you will.  Most things you read in this blog will be more subjective than objective.

Occasionally I’ll offer commentaries on more current events, movie reviews and journal entries. It’s a chance to better develop my writing skills and learn something along the way. It’s all part of the adventure .

So I invite you along for the journey.

New Blog Entries – Mr. Canada and Battle of Quebec 1775


8 thoughts on “Beginnings

  1. This is stunning, congratulations 🙂
    The artwork is beautiful and I’m sure all the words and art that follow will be an inspiration ,
    Your friend and “sis” Kat

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